What are You Going to do Without TANKS 4.09D?
Reassessing your Tank Emission Tools

On November 13, 2018, ERM and Mitchell Scientific took a technical look at the proposed revisions to AP-42, Chapter 7 and options for managing tank emissions without EPA’s TANKS 4.09D software.


EPA has proposed revisions to the long standing guidance on tank emissions calculation methodologies and recently announced that it will no longer support its ubiquitous EPA TANKS 4.09D program, the universally accepted tool for emissions calculations.

While these changes represent an opportunity to correct well known errors with the former methodology and to gain clarity on events and situations not previously included, the revised tank emission calculation guidance will impact permitting, compliance, emission inventories and annual emission fees. Companies will need to understand the implications of these changes as well as available software tools to replace and improve upon the now obsolete TANKS 4.09D.

ERM and Mitchell Scientific presented a review of the new methodologies and guidance. In addition, we will demonstrate a new software replacement for TANKS 4.09D designed to complete consistent and accurate tank emission calculations in a format that will be acceptable to each regulatory agency.


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