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Mitchell Scientific is a market leading developer of environmental software used throughout the United States and at other parts of the world.  Using our own software products, we are able to offer comprehensive process modeling for a host of pilot plant and manufacturing operations in a cost effective and timely manner.

  • All process modeling is performed using Emission Master Software which is compliant with Pharmaceutical MACT and EIIP Chapter 16 calculations.
  • Process recipes are reviewed with the customer to ensure that our understanding of the process is correct.
  • Other important modeling data such as process equipment and control devices are required.
  • The required amount of time for a recipe to be modeled depends upon how complex or involved the process might be.  However, in most cases, a process with 100 separate steps can be modeled in only one or two days.
  • Emission Master recipe files that result from the modeling is provided to the customer.
  • Several emission analysis and reports are prepared for the customer including Uncontrolled Emissions, Controlled Emissions, and Control Device Removal Efficiency.  Other reports are prepared which focus on the average compound emission rate, HAP and VOC classified emission summaries.

Customer satisfaction is always a key consideration to our process modeling services.  Once the work is complete then the customer has 60 days to review the modeling and analysis that was performed.


Data Processing We are able to migrate any data that you currently have into Emission Master and Emission’s Accountant.  Whether you are using spreadsheets or complex database systems, we are able to manipulate your information quickly into actionable process files. 
Training Mitchell Scientific offers regional and onsite training in the use of its software products.  Basic chemical engineering principles for gas and liquids are reviewed as they pertain to vapor pressure estimation techniques for ideal and non-ideal mixtures.  The fundamental air emission process models for batch and semi continuous processes are derived and explained.  Emission Master is then used to create one or more process recipe models.  Finally, Emissions Accountant is used to establish an air emissions inventory database using the resulting Emission Master calculations as well as generate many of the desired emission reports.Regional Training Seminar

If you are new or experienced at using Emission Master and Emissions Accountant (or if you are considering purchasing these programs) – then this course is for you. By the end of the day, attendees will have a commanding knowledge of the software and be able to model processes under a number of scenarios as well as manage site wide air emissions inventory data.

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Custom Software and Application Development Our company’s software commitment is aimed at further developing and extending our established applications.  We offer software development services to customers who would like our existing products to be extended to accomplish their specific needs.  For example, additional interfaces have been developed in order that Emission Master could display an Italian language (or other foreign language) interface using a special foreign language dictionary approach.  Separately, a special interface was written to enable Emission Master to communicate with ChemCAD (by Chemstations, Inc) process modeling software to retrieve established thermodynamic models for vapor pressure determinations.  The possibilities are endless.
Process Modeling for Air Emissions Inventory Development Call us at (908) 654-9779 for further details regarding process modeling. 

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