Emission Master Tanks

Emission Master software calculates air emissions from fixed roof and floating roof storage tank operations on an annual or monthly basis and supports calculation of storage tank fugitive emissions.  On January 17, 2020, we released Version 8.4.2 with updated fixed and floating roof storage tank calculations. 

Supported Storage Tank Models

Fixed Roof Floating Roof
Vertical Cone Roof External Floating Roof
Vertical Dome Roof Domed External Floating Roof
Horizontal Style Internal Floating Roof
Underground or Isothermal  

Fixed & Floating Roof Storage Tank Revisions

Emission Master Tanks calculations are based on the revised EPA Chapter 7 calculationsEPA Tanks software is no longer supported.  Version 8.4.2, released January 17, 2020 includes the following key changes:

∙ Expansion of tank colors, reflective conditions, and climate data.
∙ Tank insulation is now a factor in working & breathing losses.
∙ Substantial revision of vapor space volume for horizontal tanks.
∙ We enhanced the detail calculation report for spot check validation.
∙ Emissions can be calculated for monthly or annual periods.

Compatibility with EPA Tanks Software

Tanks, Climate, Fittings, Seals, and Deck Seams can be imported into Emission Master directly from EPA Tanks 4 databases.  Chemical and Mixture data can also be imported from EPA Tanks databases for a one-time service charge.  We support a smooth transition from EPA Tanks to Emission Master and have extensive experience migrating data from many different data sources.  Please ask about our data migration capabilities if you would like to import data from other programs, spreadsheets or databases.


Storage Tank Workflow

Our streamlined workflow accommodates different needs and empowers fast and efficient storage tank emission modeling.

  • Initial Setup

    • Import from EPA Tanks or manually enter (via our user friendly dialogs) the required Chemicals, Mixtures and Storage Tanks.  This initial setup only has to be done once since Tanks will use saved data from our database for future uses.
  • Storage Tank Emission Calculations

    • Storage Tank Calculations may be customized for a user specified time period, typically monthly, quarterly or yearly. 
      1. Stroage Tank Activity DialogStorage Tank Calculations may be entered manually via our user friendly Storage Tank Activity Dialog.  Simply select the tank from our Equipment Database.  Next, enter a mixture manually or select a mixture record from the Mixtures Database.  Specify the throughput volume for each month or over the entire calculation period.  Control devices may be specified. If required, standard loading conditions can be entered.
      2. ScrCapStorTankImportExcelMany Storage Tank Calculations can be quickly automated via an MS Excel based data import spreadsheet that we provide.  The spreadsheet can be populated from production data or other records using either mixture or compound names.  Emission Master Tanks automatically imports the data and completes the storage tank calculations.  In most cases, tank data can be taken from SAP or other information systems. 
  • Reporting

    • Emission results are itemized separately for breathing losses, working losses, total losses for the period and total losses on an hourly basis.
      1. Immediate calculation results are displayed in a table below the activity list.  This data may be instantly copied or sent to Excel via a context menu.
      2. Emission Master Tanks supports generation of standard RTF text and Excel reports suitable for printing or inclusion in other documents.
      3. Classified Emissions (VOC, HAP, etc…) reports may also be generated.
      4. If fugitive factors have been defined for storage tanks then a Fugitive Report may also be run.  The fugitives are automatically calculated based upon the defined component leak rate factors and the tank contents.
      5. A detailed storage tank calculation report is included which shows the intermediary calculation values used to calculate the final emissions.
      6. To include storage tank emissions as part of a plant wide emissions inventory, use Emissions Accountant.  Emissions Accountant is fully compatible with Emission Master Tanks and also includes advanced import tools to make Storage Tank and Fugitive calculations fully automated. 

Purchase an Emission Master Tanks license for as little as $550/year.

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