Solution For: Rapidly modeling chemical processes to calculate air emissions.

Our process modeling software calculates HAP & VOC emissions for batch and continuous processes using EPA equations. Available models include filling, purging, heating, vacuum, depressurization, gas evolution, solids drying and storage tanks. Interactive chemical database enables modeling of multi-phase liquid mixtures. Vapor pressure models include Antoine, Clapeyron or Riedel equations.

Emission Master Introduction


Solution For: Developing and maintaining plant-wide air emissions inventory and compliance reporting.

This software tracks air emissions for a fixed calendar period, a rolling twelve month basis or can be customized. Emissions Accountant can report the HAP control efficiencies for one or more processes to meet MON and MACT reporting needs.

Emissions Accountant Introduction


Solution For: Preparing floating and fixed roof storage tank emission calculations.

Calculate VOC and HAP emissions from storage tank operations using the most recent 2019 AP-42 Chapter 7.1 equations as replacement software for EPA Tanks 4.09D. It can quickly prepare storage tank calculations by either creating the models in the software manually or directly from Excel. Customers repeatedly comment that Emission Master Tanks saves them much time and effort.  They also appreciate our responsive customer service! 

Emission Master Tanks Introduction


Our secure and cost effective services include:

  • Customized process modeling, analysis & reports;
  • Developing and securely maintaining emissions inventory;
  • Data processing that migrates your spreadsheet or database into our software;
  • Chemical engineering, analysis & solutions;
  • Onsite & regional training on software, chemical engineering, air emissions processing and inventory databases; and
  • Software development such as foreign language interface, communication among industry software and similar custom modifications.

If you need it, we can probably do it.

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