Software Requirements: PC & LAN

Both the PC and LAN version of Emission Master are 32 bit Windows programs that have been designed to run on the Windows 10 operating system.  Some reports and import features also require that Microsoft Excel be installed on the client computer.


Emission Master software is supplied with a Microsoft Access database file.  When Emission Master runs, it connects to the database file ‘Emaster.mdb’ as part of the normal operation.  The Access database ‘Emaster.mdb’ file can be located at any location that the user prefers.  In addition, the database file ‘Emaster.mdb’ be duplicated to create additional database files (Emaster1.mdb, Emaster2,mdb, Emaster3.mdb, …) which can be located at different locations.  For example, facility 1 might wish to have their own database and facility 2 might wish to have their own database, and so on. 

We have a video tutorial that illustrates how one can customize the location of the Emission Master database ‘Emaster.mdb’.

If the user is interested, the Emission Master Access database can be imported into a SQL database server for use with Emission Master.  We have instructions that describe the details regarding this option.

PC Requirements

The setup program will install Emission Master on a single computer. A data folder that will contain the main Emission Master database, and example files will be created below the user documents folder.  This location may be changed during the setup.  The database and process files may be on the local PC or a file server.

The license string configures the program license and locks it to the PC it is installed on. An initial internet or phone software activation is required. The PC version may not be used remotely via Remote Desktop or similar programs.

LAN Requirements

The LAN setup program should be run on a client PC. From the client PC the installation location is selected on a network file server.  The program files and MS Access database are installed on the network file server. The operating system of the file server is not important so long as the Windows client can connect to it.  Nothing runs on the operating system of the remote file server.  An initial internet or phone software activation is required on the first client computer.  Other client computers will not require activation.  The LAN version may be accessed via Remote Desktop.

A program called, “EmasterLANConnect.exe”, is installed on the server.  This setup can be run over the UNC on other client computers to create a shortcut to the LAN program.

The server should be accessible for all client users via the same UNC path.  In some networks users may be able to access the same location via multiple paths (aliased domains, etc…).  For the license to work correctly it is important for all users to access the license file via the same path.

Certain files on the server require that client users have read/write privileges.  The setup installs a batch script called, “AdminSetLAN-ACLs.bat”, that can be used as a template for IT to assign correct file permissions.

For company wide licenses that may support many sites we also provide license file redirection capability.  This enables the program to be installed on multiple file servers or PCs and still use the same central network file server location for license management. This could help with load balancing or where network topology creates throughput issues.

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