Vent Path Report

Purpose: Prepare a list of vent paths for processes that are present in the folder or subfolders where the report is located.

Description: A vent path represents the vent devices (condensers, scrubbers, carbon adsorber, or other devices) that the process off gases follow on the way to the atmosphere. For example, suppose that reactor RE-100 is vented through a condenser (CN-100) followed by a thermal oxidizer (TOX) and finally to the atmosphere through Vent ID EPN-003. The equipment connectivity from the process vessel to the atmosphere represents one vent path for RE-100. However, suppose RE-100 is operated later in the process where the reactor is vented through CN-100 which is vented through scrubber SC-100 and to the atmosphere at EPN-032. The Vent Path Report prepares a list of all vent paths present in all processes that are contained in the report folder and any subfolders.

Additional Requirements: None.

Application: This report lists all vent paths for all process vessels as they were featured in Emission Master models. Since all equipment sources, control devices, and Vent IDs are listed then the Vent Path Report is an excellent diagnostic tool for verifying that all Equipment Source/Vent ID combinations are properly assigned in all process records.

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