PTE Equipment Constrained Report

Purpose: Implement a PTE analysis strategies as detailed in the EPA Memo “Clarification of Methodology for Calculating Potential to Emit (PTE) for Batch Chemical Production Operations,” August 29th, 1996. (<>).

Description: All processes in the report folder are considered during the analysis. The object of the PTE analysis is to identify the scenario of worst case air emissions for a given manufacturing facility based on all possible process that can be operated in the facility and the quantity of individual compounds that are emitted from each process. the Annual Emission Rate (AER) in conjunction with key equipment utilization factors are considered for each process that can be operated in the factory.

Additional Requirements: Equipment records can be configured as either dedicated or non dedicated to a given process. A permit needs to be selected from the list of available Production Permits. A new permit can be added to the system from the Report Specification Window.

Application: This report displays emissions from point sources as they exist in basic Emission Master process (filling, heating, …), storage tank, or combustion models. This report will not display fugitive emissions. Fugitive emissions occur from piping and equipment connections in the field and point source emissions occur from basic process operations where the equipment is vented to the atmosphere through a connection.

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