Process Record Information Report

Purpose: Analyze each process in a selected folder or sub-folder to report key information fields about the process record in addition to information contained in the underlying Emission Master process model.

Description: All process records with dates in the report period are analyzed. The following information is listed in the report that is prepared:
( 1) Group
( 2) Process
( 3) Alias
( 4) Operating Shift
( 5) # of Proc Revs.
( 6) Process Rev.
( 7) EM Path
( 8) EM File
( 9) EM Process
(10) EM Product
(11) EM Cycle (Hr)
(12) EM Prod. Amt.
(13) EM Prod. Units
(14) EM Eval. Date
(15) EM File Timestamp

In addition, any User Defined Fields will also be included if they are present in the system.

Application: This report is used for accessing detail information for one or more process records in Emissions Accountant for review purposes.

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