Process Control Report

Purpose: Analyze all point source processes that operated in a given calendar period to report the Uncontrolled Emissions, Controlled Emissions, and % Removal for each compound.

Description: All production records in the report period are reviewed. Each process is analyzed with respect to the total hours of operation, number of batches, and total production quantity. Compound emission quantities are listed based on how the selected Classification Set has been designed. This report shows the Uncontrolled Emissions, Controlled Emissions, and % Control Removal for each compound that was emitted.

Additional Requirements: A Report Classification Set must be selected from a list of existing permits.

Application: This report displays emissions from point sources as they exist in basic Emission Master process (filling, heating, …), storage tank, or combustion models. This report will not display fugitive emissions. Fugitive emissions occur from piping and equipment connections in the field and point source emissions occur from basic process operations where the equipment is vented to the atmosphere through a connection.

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