MCM NESHAP Quarterly HAP Report

Purpose: Calculate the monthly and quarterly Uncontrolled, Controlled, % Removal, and number of batches for each HAP compound that was emitted from all production in the report folder.

Description: When the report is to be run, the user will specify the quarter or quarters to be covered. The report will calculate the monthly Uncontrolled, Controlled, and % Removal for each HAP compound emitted during the quarter for each vessel. In addition, the 75% Post Control monthly quantities and number of batches produced in each vessel are displayed. The report range may include one or more quarters. For example, if the report is being run for a year period then each quarter will be detailed including the monthly and quarterly emission quantities.

Additional Requirements: This report provides the detail HAP emissions profile for each process vessel. Vessels to be included in the HAP NESHAP Quarterly Report need to be selected as part of the report specifications dialog window.

Application: This report displays emissions from point sources as they exist in basic Emission Master process (filling, heating, …), storage tank, or combustion models. This report will not display fugitive emissions. Fugitive emissions occur from piping and equipment connections in the field and point source emissions occur from basic process operations where the equipment is vented to the atmosphere through a connection.

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