Inlet Steam Classification Compound Report

Purpose: Calculate the total quantity of all compounds that were charged during all processes that operated during the reporting period.

Description: Each process that operated during the reporting period is analyzed and the total amount of each compound material that was charged is calculated. All charge compounds for the period are totaled and grouped according to the selected Report Classification Set. For example, compounds can be reported under the classification of HAP, VOC, PSM, or a different classification. For each compound that was charged, the first worksheet of this report displays the compound name, CAS number, and total charge quantity. This report does not apply to process materials being transferred from vessel to vessel.

A second worksheet is created that shows the Emissions Accountant folder where the report was generated as well as all production records that were included for the analysis.

Grouped Reporting: Charge Stream quantities may be grouped according to Process Name or a User Defined Field if one has been defined for process records. User Defined Fields are available by selecting User Fields from below the main Options menu. For example, if a User Defined Field has been established for ‘Building’, then the charge stream quantities can be broken out by the building that has been assigned to each process. The calculated charge stream quantities will be output in multiple columns where each column represent the Charge Stream quantities to the designated Building.

Additional Requirements: This report requires that a Report Classification Set be selected from the database of report classification sets.

Application: This report displays only Charge stream quantities and does not pertain to compound emissions.

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