Fugitives Report

Purpose: Calculate and report the emissions from all fugitive records that are contained in the folder

Description: All of the fugitive records in the reporting period are reviewed and the cumulative fugitive emission quantity of each compound is calculated. The final results are reported in accordance to the Classification Set that has been assigned for the report. Each compound is listed by classification and the classification totals are also displayed. A second worksheet presents a list of fugitive records that were included in the emission analysis.

Additional Requirements: A Report Classification Set must be selected from the list of existing Classification Sets. Grouping fields are optionally selected and ordered by the user. All settings are saved with the report document ready to run the next time. The Fugitive Report applies only to fugitive emission records that are contained in the report folder. For example, if a report folder contains point source emission models (Charging, Heating, Depressurization, and others) then this emission data will not be included in the emissions that are reported. If an Emission Master process contains both futigive and point source emission models then only the fugitive emissions will be included in the report. Additionally, fugitive emissions are not included in any reports that are intended to be for point source emissions.

Application: This report displays fugitive emissions only. This report will not display emissions from point sources as they exist in basic Emission Master process models (filling, heating, …) or the storage tank models. Fugitive emissions occur from piping and equipment connections in the field and point source emissions occur from basic process operations where the equipment is vented to the atmosphere through a connection.

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