Custom Grouped Crosstab Monthly Report

Purpose: Calculate the monthly point source emissions for each compound classification that was emitted from all production records in the report folder. Monthly emissions are totaled for each emission unit (or similar grouping) and reported for each compound classification from the assigned classification set. The report considers all processes that are present in the current folder or in subfolders to where the report is located.

Description: All production records are grouped based on a selected field (Equipment Unit, Vessel, Vent ID, …) and totaled. The calculated emission results are reported by classification as contained in the assigned Classification Set. Output from the analysis is written to Excel and in the form of a cross tab matrix. One worksheet report is created for each compound classification as contained in the selected classification set. For example, if the selected report classification set includes VOC, HAP, and Particulate, then one worksheet will be prepared for each classification.

Additional Requirements: A Report Classification Set must be selected from the list of existing Classification Sets. A grouping field (Equipment Unit, Equipment Name, Vent ID, or another field) must be selected by the user. If it is desired to prepare this report for Equipment Units, then the appropriate equipment unit records must be created in the Equipment Unit database of Emissions Accountant.

Application: This report displays emissions from (1) Point Sources as they exist in basic Emission Master process (filling, heating, …), (2) Storage Tank, (3) Combustion, and (4) Fugitive operations.

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