Control Device Throughput Report

Purpose: Analyze all production records that have occurred during the reporting period and calculate the total inlet, outlet, and percent removal for each featured Control Device.

Description: A batch production schedule is defined in Emissions Accountant for one or more processes. The Control Device Throughput Report is launched and instructed to calculate over a defined calendar period to analyze the inlet and outlet emissions for each control device. A complete inlet and outlet mass analysis for the control device is compiled for the reporting period and the results are written to Excel in two separate worksheets. The first worksheet list for each control device the inlet and outlet emission quantity in addition to the calculated percent removal for each compound. The second worksheet contains the production records for the reporting period.

Additional Requirements: A Report Classification Set must be selected from the list of existing Classification Sets to be used by the report. All settings are saved with the report document ready to run the next time. A batch production schedule must be entered into Emissions Accountant for each process that is to be included in the study.

Application: This report displays speciated inlet, outlet, and % removal information for each control device for a reporting period. The Control Device Throughput Report can provide important information in support of the TRI Report as well as other regulatory reporting requirements.

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