12 Month Rolling Charge Stream Report

Purpose: Analyze all processes that operated during a contiguous 12 month period to provide speciated material charge totals.

Description: All production records in the 12 month report period are reviewed and the cumulative raw material charge totals of each compound are calculated. The 12 month compound charge totals are grouped based on the Classification Set that has been assigned to the report. This report will output the 12 month compound charge summations for each day that falls within the user defined reporting range. For example, if the report has been configured to report the 12 month compound charge summations for each month that falls between June 1, 2010 and December 31, 2010 then the summations ending at the last day of each month within the six month period reported.

Additional Requirements: 12 month charge summations are calculated based on the production that has been defined to take place during the effected period. If production has been defined using batch record entries then the charge summaries are calculated using the batch start dates and times. However, if the production consists of period production records then Emissions Accountant must estimate the batch start times based on the number of batches that have been defined for each specific production period.

Application: This report displays emissions from point sources as they exist in basic Emission Master process (filling, heating, …), storage tank, or combustion models. This report will not display fugitive emissions. Fugitive emissions occur from piping and equipment connections in the field and point source emissions occur from basic process operations where the equipment is vented to the atmosphere through a connection.

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