Kaleidoscope For RADIUS

Retrieving permit data from NJ Radius has never been easier with Kaleidoscope for Radius 2.0! As soon as this new software release launches it automatically connects to the user’s Radius data and displays all of the key documents that are available to for exporting. Exporting the desired data to Excel is as simple as highlighting the desired report and pressing the Export Report button. The selected data is instantly retrieved from Radius and sent to Excel ready for use.

A demonstration copy or this program may be downloaded from this web site through the following link Kaleidoscope for Radius Evaluation Program. Kaleidoscope for Radius should be installed on a computer that presently contains the Radius program.

Take your Radius data and export reports into Microsoft Excel®, Microsoft Access®, or a similar program!

A list of Radius reports that may be exported using the current version of Kaleidoscope for Radius are as follows:

Equipment Inventory
Storage Tank Equipment Details
Control Device Inventory
Emission Point Inventory
Unit Inventory
PTE Summary (Total summed TPY for each category and contaminate)
PTE Tons Per Year detail (items are featured in rows, contaminates and categories are featured in columns)
Storage Tank OS Details
Compliance Plan
Emission Statement Emissions
Emission Statement Process




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