Available Reports

Emissions from Production and Emission Factors

Purpose: Calculate the emissions that have occurred during the reporting period from production levels and emission factors.

Description: All production records in the reporting period are grouped by a selected field (Process, Process Group, or User Defined Field) and then totaled. The production quantity for each group is reported in addition to the calculated emission factor and emission results for each compound classification contained in the Classification Set. Output from the analysis is written to Excel in the form of a cross tab matrix. This report is helpful when the emission factors are central to the state agency reporting requirements.

Additional Requirements: A Report Classification Set must be selected from the list of available records in the Classification Set database.

Application: This report is primarily designed to report on operations involving (1) Point Sources as they exist in basic Emission Master process (filling, heating, …), (2) Storage Tank, and (3) Combustion operations. This report does not include emissions from fugitive operations.

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